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My name is Alexander Mars. I graduated from the National Aerospace University in 2002. I’ve earned a Master of Science Degree in Information Systems and deserved to become Alexander Mars, M.S. My first job assignment was in Aerospace Industry as a System Engineer. I was responsible for designing, updating and testing processes of modern high-tech avionic systems. Different types of flight simulators became my best friend for a while.

During my first assignment I’ve learned a lot of new things. It helps me to get a new promotion to the Technical Project Manager position. My primary responsibilities were much extended. Everything has being pretty stable for a few years after that moment. The changes were going to come a little bit later. My family realized that we need to move forward. Next couple weeks we decided to relocate to the U.S.

Throughout my life I have a passion to learn new things and getting new skills. It helps me all the time. Moreover, I was interested in Web Technologies such as Design and/or Development since a student time.

After relocation to the Greater Seattle Area, my passion moved me to try myself in IT. Shortly I’ve started working as a Web Developer / Web Designer. I focused on updating, managing and maintaining of existing websites via different CMS. Meanwhile, I’ve started my intensive hand coding practice with HTML, XML, CSS and PHP. The same time I studied a lot of new stuff such as JavaScript, jQuery, REST, AJAX, etc. Soon I realized that I’m on the right way. Till now I continue improving my skills, getting new knowledge and enjoying to be a Program Manager in IT. My current portfolio contains over 100 completed projects.