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Google AdWords Certified

Google Partner since 2016 My Google AdWords Certificate was successfully renewed after I’ve passed a few annual Google AdWords certification exams*. It means that currently I may continue to manage all Google Adwords campaigns such as Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Mobile Advertising. Please feel free to visit my Google partner public page;idtf=114000783313274958344; * “The AdWords exams cover basic and advanced advertising concepts, including campaign set up, management, and optimization. To become AdWords certified, you’ll need to pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam and one of the other AdWords exams. You can demonstrate your expertise and help your company earn the Google Partner badge with an AdWords certification.”
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Hi there!

And Welcome to my blog! I hope you will find here a lot of useful information about  web technologies and career development of IT specialists. All your comments, suggestions and concerns are very Welcomed!
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Bing Ads Accredited Professional

100 questions of certification exam were successfully passed and here we go, I’m a Bing Ads Accredited Professional till June 2017.  
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A few words about web design

Let me describe for you an entire web design process with several sentences below. Generally it works for both – web sites and web applications. Drawing a sketch or concept (paper, whiteboard or any other surface) Creating a basic black and white wireframe (Visio or any wireframing tool) Designing a colorful high fidelity mock up (Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure, HTML) Developing a prototype (CSS, HTML) Responding to users feedback and updating design, delivering relevant screen designs to web developers
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CIW: Site Development Associate

One more industry certificate – Site Development Associate (SDA) issued by Certified Internet Web Professionals (CIW) authority was earned! It was done with a final score about 100% but not exactly 100%. So, this time I made one or to mistakes during the test and spent much more time than I did passing IBA (CIW) exam. There were a lot of different questions which were not covered by preparation materials. Otherwise you still may prepare yourself during one week to get a positive result. Good luck Everyone!
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CIW: Internet Business Associate

Just a few minutes ago I earned my first industry certificate – Internet Business Associate (IBA) issued by Certified Internet Web Professionals (CIW) authority. It was one more step to achieve Web Developer certificate with PACE-IT program in Edmonds Community College. Frankly speaking it was easy enough after 3 weeks of hard preparation time:) I passed it with 100% positive result and spent just a couple minutes. If someone’s goal is only pass the exam and receive Internet Business Associate Certificate issued by CIW, I believe, you may prepare yourself during 1 week.
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